Kathleen Scarborough

"Ms. Scarborough is a musically talented private instructor who prioritizes her students needs over her own. I believe she is one of the best in the business." -Brian Kim -- Student 
"The integrated music education I received . . . from ms. Kathy [was] key to my musical success and inspired me to be a leader in the orchestra" -Darya, Rahbar -- Student 
"Her keen intellect, exquisite musicianship, and attention to detail make her the optimal choice" -Sgt. Major Manuel Bobenreith -- Commander of the U.S. Army Strings

Violin & Viola Performance & Instruction

"We chose Kathy Scarborough and could not have been happier! This woman is amazing! She is a master at the violin and so kind. She took our requests beforehand, offering to learn any songs she didn't already know. All of our guests enjoyed her music and she was truly a highlight of our wedding." -Michelle Benalcazar  -- Maryland
"she always goes the extra mile for her students-playing in church with them, extra practice time when they need it for concerts or competitions, making special trips to pick up and/or deliver music to her students" -Erin Grosenick  -- Student
"The afternoon's most impressive performance - for its clarity, sublety, and all-around stylishness, was scarborough's reading of j.s. bach's violin sonata in G-major." -james Wierzbicki  -- post-dispatch music critic